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Graduate Chapter

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Serving DC, Maryland & Virginia


"In July 2012, Sisters of Swing Phi Swing Social Fellowship, Inc. came together, shared their ideas and mission for Swing. Shortly thereafter, the Paidamoyo Potomac Graduate Chapter was born and officially chartered in September 2012 to service and uplift the communities of DC, Maryland, and Virginia.


Our focus includes expanding Swing Phi Swing Social Fellowship, Inc. into unchartered territory and supporting the efforts of young women through the teenage years.


              It began in the year of 1969 at the peak of the Black Power Movement. African Americans were fighting for their civil rights and claiming their culture. On April 4th, the first anniversary of the murder of civil rights activist Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., twelve dynamic women displayed their commitment to the cause.* Our beloved founding sisters—proud, innovative and determined—stepped out on faith at then Winston-Salem State College to establish Swing Phi Swing Social Fellowship, Inc.®


              These bold sisters "Dared to be Different" by challenging the standard normalities and went against the odds and established a unique social fellowship as an alternative to sororities and Greek life. They ignited a flame that influenced thousands of other women to follow in their footsteps. Their pioneering spirit continues to burn in the hearts of many sisters, transcending the boundaries of geography, social class, complexion and religious affiliation.


              The founders of SWING established an organization dedicated to uplifting women of color, recognizing afro-centricity and the belief that knowledge is the basis of all freedom.  To achieve this knowledge, they felt the need to become aware of our culture and history.  It was important to understand that one did not have to totally adopt an African culture to learn from one. Since African-Americans were previously deprived of this knowledge, they set out to open minds to our original heritage.


              Today SWING is a unique, non-profit organization with a commitment to affecting social change.  Change has to start with oneself in order to have an effect on university campuses and in the community.  We realize that we are an integral part of the community. Therefore we have the responsibility as sisters with interest never gone to accept the responsibility and uplift women of color and stand on the front line in regards to community development.

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